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Blog Goals

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They say ‘To get started, you must have a Destination’, well here are just some of the reasons I have started to blog, and eventual aims I would like to see happening. These goals should serve as a guide, hopefully, when I don’t know what to do.

1) To develop a Voice:

This is quite self explanatory, I think writing and communication are very important skills we can’t do without, and this blog is simply a nice way to do this and still receive feedback from others.

2) Improve my Chinese:

As a Taiwanese born guy my English is far better then my Chinese. Although I can still speak and read the language, I can hardly write it after living in another country for 12 years of my youth. Since I am returning home to study, my Chinese needs to be up to scratch. So for this blog, what I would eventually like to do is to translate my posts, so hopefully one day this blog will both be in English and Chinese. Although this definitely won’t be happening anytime soon!

3) Come out the Closet:

I hesitate to write this, as I am still very much uncomfortable about this whole thing. I dunno… although I have known for quite some time now that I am gay, I have mostly kept it to myself. I think publicly stating this on the internet is already quite something for me. So with this blog I would like to gain some confidence and come to terms with myself more, so eventually I would be able to step out this closet.

4) Make friends:

I would like to meet people in similar situations, as I don’t have any gay friends at the moments. More importantly I would like to help others like me (give advice? When I do go through this myself), especially in Taiwan. It’s a pretty conservative culture, but this will probably only happen when I do eventually improve my Chinese.

These are just some ideas I have for this blog at this moment, (these won’t necessary happen and definitely not any time soon), but I would like to view this as an ongoing project that I can dip into in my spare time. This won’t be a Coming-Out-Blog, I don’t think, but more of a Coming-To-Age-Blog, as I fumble for my place in this world.


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  1. Jon December 8, 2007 at 11:43 PM
    Hey, don't push yourself so hard on the coming out thing

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