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Chapter One: A Chinaman in Africa

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I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. When I was about 7, my family and I immigrated to South Africa, so my sister and I could learn English. At first it was tough; on the first day of school here I remembered thinking I was like some zoo animal at which my classmates stared at. But then as I picked up English, things got easier. And now 12 years later, I am pretty much a full-blown South African. I come from a nice family and had a good education thus far, and my childhood has been a very good one with mainly happy memories.

South Africa has been a wonderful place to spent my childhood, true, it has the worlds highest Crime Rate and highest cases of AIDS worldwide, I have been fortunate enough to have lived in a bubble where this is all less evident.

People unfamiliar with Africa usually associate her with death, poverty and big scary animals. This is however not the case as many parts of Africa are actually very advanced.

I remember when I went back to school in
Taiwan once during a short holiday; one of the kids there asked me if I had kept a lion in my garden. I told him yes and also said I rode an Elephant to school everyday.

In truth the only animal I have in my garden was a dog. (I think I have only seen a Lion twice in my life which was when I went to the local
Reserve Park.)

Economically the strongest in Africa, life here in SA (if you have money) can be just as good as any first world countries. The relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery, brilliant weather can make everyday seem like a holiday. I can see the sea from my house and the beach is about 20 minutes drive from where I live, and if I fancy a hike, about half a days traveling will get me to the nearest mountain.

Now with less then a week to go, I am leaving all this for good, along with the friendship I have built over the years, to study back home, in a city with a population density so high, when you fart about twenty other people will wrinkle their nose.

Alas…South Africa, I will miss you and your wonderful, diverse people. Maybe someday we shall meet again. Until then…Keep Well.


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  1. Mr Rainbow Man January 31, 2008 at 12:22 AM
    ni hao, reading your blog has been informative. i haven't come accross any chinese in africa before...
  2. Brain Mechanic January 6, 2011 at 4:47 PM
    nice post. i would love to see south africa. cool blog.

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